Laser Dentistry

Woman receiving laser dentistry at River Run Family Dentistry

When it comes to treating patients, a wide range of tools are used. But perhaps one of the most versatile tools at hand today is laser dentistry. 

Laser dentistry is used to treat a wide array of conditions. It can shape and remove tissue, kill bacteria, and “drill” teeth. There is a lot to explore when it comes to this method of dentistry and we will be covering some of the thing’s laser dentistry is used for and how it can be beneficial over traditional methods. At River Run Family Dentistry we want to provide what patients feel comfortable with.

What Is Laser Dentistry and What Benefits Does It Bring?

Laser dentistry involves a powerfully focused beam of light that is capable of altering aspects of the mouth. These lasers are so efficient that they are capable of both cutting tissue and drilling teeth and there are benefits of using them over conventional methods of achieving the same results.

Hard Lasers

Hard lasers are used for tooth related procedures and they can reshape, cut, and drill teeth. Many patients are more comfortable with this method over using a drill and in some cases, it causes less pain thus anesthesia is sometimes not used.

Another benefit of using hard lasers over drills or other conventional tools is that it can kill bacteria as the laser is doing its work – making it excellent for prepping a tooth before it is filled.

Soft Lasers

Soft lasers are used for tissue and gum related procedures such as reshaping and cutting tissue. These are excellent against gum disease such as periodontitis because, like hard lasers, soft lasers can swiftly kill bacteria. Typically, patients experience virtually no pain during or after a soft laser procedure because blood vessels and nerve endings get sealed as the laser goes to work. 


When it comes to getting teeth professionally whitened, lasers make the process achieve highly effective results while being an overall quicker method than without the laser. A bleaching substance is applied to the teeth the same with a conventional whitening procedure, but the laser is used to heat up this substance which makes the bleached effect both stronger and more quickly achieved.


There are a few caveats and concerns when it comes to laser dentistry. Not all procedures can be done with these lasers, for example, teeth that have already been filled with amalgam metal cannot be treated with lasers.

Another caveat with lasers is that it requires a professional who is experienced in this type of treatment. Using the wrong wavelength can end up damaging both tissue and teeth. 

Do You Need an Appointment?

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