Dental Crowns

Diagram of the dental crown from River Run Family Dentistry

When a tooth does not need to be extracted, but needs its functionality restored, a dental crown is typically used. It is an effective treatment for those who have misshapen or discolored teeth and it is oftentimes complemented with a root canal. We will be going over what a dental crown exactly is and some of its uses. At River Run Family Dentistry we want to ensure you are informed about what you are getting.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown can be described as an artificial layer or shell that goes over a tooth. Think of it as a protective helmet, but for your teeth. A crown is in the shape of a regular tooth can be made up of a wide variety of materials depending on the patient’s preference. A crown can be made up of resin, porcelain, or metals such as gold, nickel, and chromium. There is something for everyone, but there are differences in the longevity of the materials at hand. Metal crowns will last the longest but are more expensive than lower-cost options such as resin.

Crowns fully restore the appearance and functionality of a compromised tooth – and depending on the material such as resin, it can also restore the appearance of a tooth and make it look natural.

What Are Dental Crowns Used For?

A patient might need a dental crown for a multitude of reasons. A dental crown typically follows a root canal to restore the structural integrity of the tooth. A crown can also be used if a person has suffered from a broken, cracked, or worn-down tooth to restore the appearance and functionality. Someone might also get a crown for purely cosmetic reasons such as restoring a discolored tooth or a tooth that is misshaped but not necessarily deprived of functionality.

Crowns are indeed incredibly versatile when it comes to restoring a smile or eating functionality. They can make a tooth functional that would otherwise be unusable.

How to Know If You Need A Dental Crown

We have described some of the scenarios where someone might need a dental crown and it ultimately comes down to what treatment is best for you when the time comes for discussing with us on what actions to take. If you have a large cavity, you might require a crown to be placed over the compromised tooth after a large amount of filling has been used. In addition to this, a lingering, painful toothache can be a sign that you need a root canal to remove then infected pulp, which is then followed by filling the tooth and covering it with a crown. 

If you have a misshaped or broken tooth, you might also be recommended a crown. In the end, depending on the circumstances, you might be given multiple choices on how you want certain dental problems treated.

At River Run Family Dentistry we are committed to proving you with the best oral care in a warm, welcoming environment that makes you feel at home. If you have any questions regarding getting a dental crown or anything else, you can call 830-387-3040 to talk to us. You can also book an appointment this way to take the next steps.