Root Canal

Diagram of a root canal from River Run Family DentistryMillions of people per year get treatment for an infected tooth via a root canal. This is an effective procedure that has saved many from excruciating tooth decay and has allowed them to keep a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. The tooth effectively can function just as well as the other teeth in your mouth and with good care – it can last a lifetime. We will be going over what a root canal procedure entails and if it is right for you. At River Run Family Dentistry we want to ensure you get the care you need to have a healthy oral health life.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that also goes by the name of endodontic treatment and it is one of the most common dental procedures as touch on above. At the center of a tooth, there is a layer called the pulp. This is a tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels and it is the main reason why tooth decay can become painful. If an infection has spread to this layer of the tooth is considered a severe dental problem and often times, a dental emergency. Large cavities are another reason why someone would be prescribed a root canal.

When the pulp starts causing problems for the user, this is when it has to be removed. But it can’t just simply be removed and have that be the end of it – it needs to be replaced and then sealed. This is exactly what the procedure entails. The infected pulp is removed and in its place is a rubbery substance that goes by the name of gutta-percha. Finally, the tooth is sealed using filling and/or topped with a dental crown

Is This Procedure Painful?

Modern dentistry goes through great lengths to avoid causing patients any type of unnecessary pain. Anesthesia is used to ensure the patient receiving a root canal does not feel what is happening. It is worth noting that you might experience some discomfort for a few days after the procedure is done. And for a few hours after the root canal is finished, you will experience numbness – it is advised not to eat during this period of time.

How Do I know That I need A Root Canal?

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, pain when eating, or a toothache that lingers, these are signs that the pulp of the tooth has been compromised. In addition to this, if you have fractured or chipped a tooth, this could also lead to root canal treatment depending on how severe the damage is. Oftentimes for chipped teeth, a bonding agent is used if the damage is not affecting the nerves.

It is important to contact us if you feel discomfort with your teeth in general, even if it seems minor at first. A problem that seems small at first can develop into severe dental problems that may call for a tooth extraction which is costly to replace. At River Run Family Dentistry we are committed to providing you with the best oral care, if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, call 830-387-3040. We are looking forward to seeing you!